Call centers to manage taxi bookings

If you are in France, whether it is for a vacation trip, or a business trip, the best advice that we can give you will be that make your own research in order to know the means available to move from one place to another, like is the case of taxi services, and how you can access these services, In addition you should evaluate the different taxi companies that exist in the market, and the rates they handle. At the time of requesting a taxi ( taxi ) service we must take into account aspects such as the transportation route based on the pick-up point to the destination point, you should considerate as well if the vehicle where you are going to move follows and complies with the safety and comfort conditions, how expensive the rates are, and the time it will take the service; the best way of manage this type of details can be done through the reservation of the service through a call center which aims to take all required forecasts so that the client feels satisfied with the service that is being provided.

The call center operator at the time of making a reservation of service must have the ability to advise the user regarding the details of their taxi as well as clarify any questions that may have, in order to ensure a timely service, all this for through the use of the human, physical, technological and communication resources available on the selected taxi company, this is the basis to provide excellence and quality in the service. The aim of the call center operator is the timely and immediate coordination of the transportation services through the collection of customer data and establish which options are adapted to their needs to offer the best service to users. The efficacy of telephone reservations is measured by the number of requests satisfactorily handled, the speed in what a taxi service is assigned, and the attention provided to the customer, satisfaction surveys are also conducted in order to know the opinions of the users and what actions should be taken to improve the service.

Whether due to the availability of resources, such as drivers or vehicles or the treatment provided to the client, either when the client communicate with the central office to request the service and moment of being transported to the place of destination. The operation of booking a taxi by telephone is extremely simple, the user make a telephone call to the central, and requests the service then he/she provides the operator with the details of the pick-up point in order to evaluate which taxi is available and which one is closest to the place where the user is located, the route of the transportation, the approximate travel time, service rate, number of people who will use the service, luggage, and other requirements established by the client. In France the taxi booking services by telephone, seeks through trained personnel in customer service establish what are the expectations of the users, determine the necessary actions to take in order to provide a quality service, as well as comply with the established rules and evaluate which they are the best options that are available either in vehicles, drivers, routes, time, and rates. If you are in Paris where is so many places to know and visit, taking a taxi is the most used option either by locals and tourists that wants to move more comfortably and quickly. That is why the taxi services use telephone reservations where the user is assigned a driver and vehicle to make the transport depending on the disposition that the taxi driver have.

According to established regulations in France, the rates values are handled during the day, and at night, in addition to other factors such as distance, number of people to move, luggage, as you can imagine the city where the highest rates are located is the city of Paris, as well there is a unique telephone central that manages the requests with taxi companies, which has more than 20,000 taxis drivers circulating almost the 24 hours of the day. There are many companies with this kind of services such as Alpha Taxis, their operators will indicate the availability of vehicles, the estimated time for arrival, the rate established as well as the driver´s name assigned to carry out this service. All this through its reservation platform, has more than 1200 associated members and the location of the vehicles is done by the GPS. This company manages a work scheme where its affiliates are shareholder, which is why standards of quality of service and responsibility are the most important thing. That way each driver become in direct promoter of the company and guarantor of providing a service of excellence as established by its internal regulations based on French standards.

Another available choice is Taxis Bleus, which is one of the most important radio taxi companies in Paris, with more than 3000 affiliated members. The payment for the services can be made by credit card, and reservations can be made by the customer as 30 minutes before, and you can require the service with 7 days in advance. One of its great advantages is that if the client enjoys the reservation subscription service, it allows him to have priority, that way the operators assign a vehicle despite not having availability for that moment, this kind of services are available with an annual fee and you can be sure that when you need the taxi you will have it. G7 is another taxi services company that possess the largest taxi fleet in France, the estimations shows around 9,000 drivers, so they have high availability and the response times are short. The call center operator will assign the vehicle, and the driver that suits the client’s needs. These drivers have great knowledge of the streets and access roads in order to provide a safe service and in the estimated time. With the intention of offering comfort to its customers, it also has several forms of payment. For the transportation of people with a motor disability, the service of the PMR Taxi line is available, which through its call center office, the user tells the operator what type of vehicle is necessary to perform the service and what conditions are needed, and thus, conditions must complied when mobilizing the person.

Allo les taxis Parisiens is another taxi company that offers its services through a call center to any place in this city, either from the hotel where you are staying, or the airport to pick-up in you arrive in order to lead you to your home or the office. The rates will depend on the destination of course the distance plays a fundamental role in this part, the user after provide the information to the call center operator, he/she will process the assignment of the taxi driver including the car model, and the estimated time of arrival to the pick-up point. It is clear that even though these companies in their policies had established that their mission is to provide a quality service, this can be seen through the opinions of their clients, for the case of Alpha Taxis there are various comments such as case of a client who commented that he needed to move to a hospital for a chemotherapy process, and the taxi service by telephone reservation never arrived, so he missed his appointment. On the other hand, another user cataloged the service as punctual and efficient as well as openly recommended to the public. Many clients’ states that they have requested this service and the assigned taxi does not arrive or that the treatment of the call center operator or the assigned driver is not the right one, being impolite or with an angry attitude with some users.

The company Taxi Bleus also presents comments divided by the users of the service, where the most of the users believe that the established rates are too expensive and do not adjust to the real cost for the transportation, as well as the fact that they have made a reservation by the call center central, and the assigned vehicle never showed in the pick-up point causing great annoyances among the users, Highlighting the fact that some users claim that they do not receive the required information from the telephone exchange when they have any doubts about the service offered to them. While in the other side of the coin, there is a group of users who says that Taxi Bleus provide an excellent service and consider the best option to move around the city of Paris. By the way the taxi company G7 consider the biggest in France, is the company with most complaints due the big amount of drivers it is difficult to controlled each one, the users´ opinions are divided in terms of the quality of their service, for example a user of this line commented that he fully recommends the service, and the attention provided by the driver, while others think that the service is not good and the rates are not the most accessible, as well as the fact that when they want to contact the customer service to place a formal complaint this never receives the call, in some cases the drivers doesn´t want to pick-up the customer which is against French regulations, but is very difficult to process a complaint with this company.

Allo le taxi Parisians has had good comments about its services where it stands out that they offer quality customer service, as well as the service provided by the driver and the good condition of the vehicles but also has its detractors to whom the service has seemed to them of low quality since the taxis that have requested have not arrived in the established time or that never received the service of transport requested to the call center office station, and at the moment of present the complaint they were not attended in a proper manner. But in comparison with the other companies this is one that presents the best qualification of the users.

It is hard to imagine the fact of get a taxi in France without a previous reservation, considering the technological advances in one regular day can be processed more than 1,000 taxi reservations, considering that the first system of taxi reservation was created in 1964 to solve the problem that the customers presented because cannot get a free taxi on the streets In general, each taxi service company in France presents good and bad comments in relation to the quality of its services, which reflects that everything will depend on the disposition of the operator that made the reservation by telephone, the coordination of the vehicle, the treatment of the driver with the client, the state of the taxi, as well as the actions taken to manage the user’s observations and whether or not they are attended efficiently. Good customer service and adequate programming through telephone reservations are essential since this will be the best reference the company can have which will increase the recommendation and the usage.

It is hard to imagine the fact of get a taxi in France without a previous reservation, considering the technological advances, and the fast in what the day move, in one regular day can be processed more than 1,000 taxi reservations.  Considering that the first system of taxi reservation by telephone and radio telephone was created in 1964 to solve the problem that the customers presented because they were not able to get an available taxi on the streets, and if we compare the importance that this system have today, it must be say that the pioneers of this systems maybe would be so proud of their contribution to the society and they could not imagine how they were able to change the world of the taxi companies with this simple and revolutionary solution that is still used after half century.